2019 January Meeting: The Voluntary Training Corps by Tim Lynch

January’s meeting was  was a welcome return for Tim Lynch, an author, veteran of the Falkands and well respected  military historian, who had previously visited us in 2017 to give a talk on searching for his uncle’s war history which had involved several men from the Halifax area. This year Tim spoke on the subject of the Volunteer Training Corps which started quite spontaneously as the ‘Halifax Town Guard’ after the outbreak of war in August 1914. It  consisted of irregular groups formed to provide some kind of home defence in the event of invasion. It was the forerunner of the more familiar ‘Home Guard’  of the Second World War. Some think its recruitment also provided the impetus for the ‘Pals’ concept which was later adopted for many of Kitchener’s pals battalions. It later received  Ministry of War recognition and became officially amalgamated into the British Army.

Tim is on the left of the picture with chairman Rob Hamilton on the right.