Calderdale People of the Great War

Calderdale People of the Great War is available from HGWHS for £1.50 plus 50p p/p.


What connects the following people?

A Manufacturer of decorative lamps on Reservoir Road who invented Tommy’s ‘tin hat’.

Refugees who were housed at the Children’s Holiday Home at Triangle

a Halifax woman who died during the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic

A clockwinder at the Halifax Union Work House persecuted for his German roots.

The daughter of the proprietor of James Thornton Textiles of Elland who became a munitions girl.

A man who was probably one of the inspirations for Robert Sheriff’s classic play, Journey’s End.

The owner of a Halifax cash register business whose invention was vital for Britain’s emerging bomber force. 

A three year old who went on to become a local legend

The son of the Toffee King who went missing in action.

An attendee of the Halifax School of Art who became a cartoonist

A Mackintosh’s Toffee Factory manager involved in a spy story

The mysterious Heather who knew how to pack her words

The man who went to prison for being a conscientious objector

A Skircoat born sugffragette who was awarded the MBE

The man who survived the Lusitania.

The Brighouse ‘good soldier’ brought before the courts for murder.

Two friends from Hollywell green who lived and died together.

The Answer

All their stories can be found in the Second Edition of Calderdale People of the Great War.

Follow the links above to find out about each of them.

Calderdale People of the Great War  features forty stories of local people taken from the Great War period. It is was sponsored by Halifax BID, compiled by HGWHS and accompanied exhibitions in the Borough Market in 2018 and Square Chapel Arts Centre in 2019.


Calderdale People of the Great War is available from HGWHS
for £1 plus 50p p/p