Calderdale Small Grants Application Successful !

I’m delighted to announce that Calderdale Small Grants have awarded us our full budget towards IT equipment needed for creating the HGWTA Newspaper database (NewsCat). In conjunction with the help and support we have been receiving from Calderdale Library and Information Services, Calderdale Museum Service, Voluntary Action Calderdale and  Pennine Horizons, HGWTA is now very well placed to move forward and achieve its ambitions. There is still a lot of hard work to do but there is now every reason to be looking forward optimistically.
The funding will allow us to set up at least two terminals to run the powerful  Lightroom 4 image database software and with adequate backup facilities.  There is a very real chance we can increase this to at least another two more terminals thanks to the loan arrangement with Pennine Horizons.  The computer workstations is where the newspaper items will be key worded and therefore searcheable. These items already number about 2000. They have been catalogued from the Halifax Courier Weekly by all the  members who have been beavering away in the Central Library over the last few months.

Many thanks to everyone who has worked towards this.