Heritage Festival 2020 Lockdown

Welcome to our Heritage offerings for the Heritage Festival 2020. 

Halifax Heritage Map

Take a virtual walk through a heritage map of central Halifax which identifies and explains how and where the war was conducted in Central Halifax.

Publication: Mr Stott’s Diary 1914-1916

Read the outspoken views of local man William Henry Stott as he makes his daily record of wartime Halifax. What were his thoughts on working women, suffragettes, trade unions, the working man and, of course, those pesky Germans?

‘I have read every line … an absolute gem’

                                                                Dr. Peter Liddle, Writer and Historian

Music Your Ancestors Listened to

Listen to those old classics from the Great War era.These pages are based on two AV presentations given at our monthly meetings by Alan Rhodes with fascinating biographical details of the artistes.


Publication: Calderdale People of the Great War

Forty colourful and sometimes unbelieveable true stories of local people grappling with the greatest upheaval of the twentieth century our local communities had to face. Profusely illustrated.

Publication: Halifax in the Great War

A ‘remarkable and evocative’  account of how the Great War impacted on the communities of Halifax and its surrounding districts. This ‘immensely readable’ book details what was one of the most traumatic episodes in Halifax’s history.

“remarkable and evocative book … immensely readable, informative and fascinating from start to finish”

                                                                       David Hanson, local historian

Halifax Courier Week by Week Centenary Series

See the impact of the Great War on Halifax as it unfolded week by week through the pages of the Halifax Courier over 100 years ago. This mammoth series penned 250,000 words over 227 weekly episodes.

Feature Specials 

A Very British Way of Doing Things: So how have we and our government measured up to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic compared with that other national emergency, going to war in 1914?