March Meeting: Z is for Zeppelin by Jean Broadbent


Accompanied by her husband, Jean gave a well researched account of the development of airships from the use of balloons at the end of the Eighteenth Century, via observation balloons in the American Civil War, the pre-war work in Germany funded by Count Zeppelin, the bombing threat posed by Zeppelin and fixed wing aircraft on England, the post-war developments in Great Britain culminating in the R101 disaster of 1930, and the apparent eclipse of the airship era with the Hindenburg bursting into flames at Lakehurst USA in 1937.

However, the Broadbents had recently travelled on a modern airship and were full of admiration for this form of transport. Had they been selling tickets for a trip on an airship, we had at least one member who would have signed up on the spot. As it is, I am sure that “travel on a dirigible” is now on many audience members’ bucket lists.

A thoroughly interesting and enjoyable evening