Presentation Meetings April – July 2014

Thursday 17th July on ‘Local hospitals during World War One’  by Corinne McDonald. 

Corinne from the Halifax Antiquarian Society came and reprised her excellent talk on how Calderdale geared up to receive the wounded from the battlefields. She described how the St. Luke’s Halifax Union Hospital became an important military hospital and how it was run. Additionally, other local houses became adapted as Auxiliary Hospitals for convalescent soldiers. Although these received financial assistance from the Government, they depended to a great extent on both voluntary staff and local donations.
Image Stephen Gee Collection.

\Thursday 12th June – ‘Humour and the Great War 1914-15’
by John Sunderland. 

In his own inimitable style, this was not only about the type of jokes and humour of the time but also the way that news was reported in the Courier highlighting
several types of article which would certainly not have been presented the same way in today’s politically correct society. There was also much reference to both national and local cartoonists, in particular the work of J J Mulroy who featured heavily in the Halifax Courier. John hopes to research the life and work of this interesting local personality and hopefully we will be able to persuade him to take centre stage again.

Thursday 22nd May  – ‘Mythology of the Great War’
by Rob Hamilton.

Rob approached this subject by highlighting events and happenings which in popular culture have become fact but for which there is no actual evidence. The culmination of the talk was the demonstration that the alleged conversation between senior German officers where they stated that the British Army were “Lions led byDonkeys” never actually took place but was the fabrication of an author who should have known better. Other subjects covered were “The Popular War”, “Over by Christmas”, “German Beastliness” and the “Soldiers War”. The controversial nature of the subject provoked a lively debate afterwards.

This meeting was attended by our patron, Dr Peter Liddle, who took the opportunity of introducing himself to our group. No pressure on Rob then!

Thursday 17th April – ‘The Halifax War Machine’ – War Production in Halifax 
by David Millichope.As with all of David’s presentations this was an excellent visual lecture showing the extent to which local firms and businesses turned all or much of their production to war work. It seems that virtually every local industry was involved in some way or other in producing something for the war effort. Even industries such as local jewellers were involved, in their case producing some of the delicate instrumentation required in shell fuses.