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During every week of the Great War Centenary the modern day Halifax Courier published stories compiled weekly by HGWHS from the corresponding pages of 1914-18.

The stories unfolded in Real Time giving the reader a unique feel for how the events of the Great War unfolded exactly 100 years ago as they saw it in their local newspaper.

This was how the Halifax Courier reported the conclusion of this project.

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Below, please find some of the stories appearing over the next four years or so.

1914 September
Illuminated Recruiting Tram:When Kitchener’s order went out for recruitment to his New Armies trams around the country were festooned with posters and appeals to patriotism to raise recruits. This story from the Halifax Courier tells of a recruiting voyage down the Calder valley.VIEW MORE
Image courtesy of David Greaves and Malcolm Bull’s Calderdale Companion (
1914 December
Here is a scarf and down with the Germans.Dear Little Friend – I was glad to see in the paper about you knitting things for our soldiers out here at the front … we are all very much obliged to you for trying to make us more comfortable. We are having some terrible weather out here – bitter cold at night . These things will help to keep us warm … I hope you receive my letter thanking you for for helping us to fight the Germans.VIEW MORE
Sergt J.L.Bottomley
Image : JJ Mulroy Halifax Courier 17 April 1915
1915 May
Lusitania : The Local Dimension:We are now more accustomed to the blurred boundaries between civilian and military casualties but the response to the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 was one of profound shock. It severely tested people’s perception of civilised behaviour.To the British public it was an outrage that fuelled the propaganda stereotype of the ‘Beastly Hun’. To the families of the people on board it was a traumatic experience.VIEW MORE
1915 July .
Trevor Emrys Morgan: Journey through the Medical System:In July 1915 the Courier journalist, T E Morgan was serving on the Western Front with the 4th Battalion West Riding Regiment and received a wound to his knee that necessitated his return to England . He wrote a lengthy letter to the Halifax Newspaper describing his experience through the medical chain. It makes very interesting reading and is reproduced here in full.
1915 September 25
George Oswald Mitchell and the Royal Engineers Special (Gas) CompaniesVIEW MORE
Image : Imperial War Museum HU 63277B / WIKI COMMONS
March 1918
Tank Fever grips Halifax.Tank Banks were a hugely successful way of raising investment for the Government’s war effort. Most major towns and cities in the UK received a visit from one of seven tanks organised into travelling pageants. Halifax had its visit from Egbert in March 1918.VIEW MORE
Image : Ann Knowles.