Second Workshop Meeting, 15 November 2012.

First of all we are due a huge thank you to HGWTA member, Alan Rhodes, for making his extraordinary house the venue for our second Workshop Meeting. With so many members opting to attend this evening meeting there was more than one voice who queried if there would be enough space. No problems. Even with twelve of us we could still stroll around as if promenading the decks of an ocean liner !

The meeting opened with a fascinating glimpse into Alan’s incomparable collection of china memorabilia. Our primary interest was the patriotic items from the Great War but his staggering collection left us willing to believe we had somehow managed to wander into the Victoria  and Albert Museum in London.

This was followed by a practical demonstration of how the digitised information from the  Halifax Courier  Weekly pages of 1914-18  was being entered into the Lightroom 4 image database. With about 40,000 newspaper clippings ahead of us it was imperative we had a powerful search facility to access and cross reference the information. Lightroom 4 did not disappoint and a lively discussion followed on the ins and outs of its features.