Britain and Victory in the Great War: Edited by Peter Liddle







Now published.

Britain and Victory in the Great War is available from the usual outlets and completes the trilogy of ground-breaking volumes conceived and edited by our patron, Dr Peter Liddle. It  presents the latest scholarly thinking about the Great War from an international perspective  The first two volumes-Britain Goes to War and Britain and the Widening War-made this stimulating new writing accessible to a broad readership and this final volume has the same aim. A group of over twenty expert contributors reconsider the military reasons for the outcome of the fighting and look at the consequences for the principal nations involved. They explore the way the war and the peace settlement shaped the twentieth century and had an enduring impact within Europe and beyond. Peter Liddle is the founder of the Liddle Collection at Leeds University and the Second World War Experience  Centre at Wetherby and has made the collection and recording of the personal experiences of war his life’s work.