Meeting : Voluntary Recruitment into the British Army

Our meeting for January 2014 was a well researched and clear presentation by Rob Hamilton on voluntary recruitment into the British Army during the Great War. Rob included a lot of locally relevant material  to illustrate how this unfolded in and around Halifax and was able to lead us into what proved a lively and quite extended Q and A session with lots of interest value.

It seems we are now getting better known because  the meetings are attracting  larger numbers. This is a welcome trend and new faces are always welcome. The next meeting is a slight departure from our usual routine. This will be a showing of the classic Geoffrey Malins film, ‘The Battle of the Somme’  first screened at local cinemas around the country in 1916. It will be followed by an open discussion of its content and importance.

This will be on Thursday 13 February from 7.00 pm onwards at the usual venue. More Details by viewing our diary.