Peace Arch at Princess Street

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Peace Arch. Stephen Gee Collection
Above: Peace Arch. Stephen Gee Collection

For some time, there had been a resolve to mark the official end of the war with organised celebrations. Committees from Halifax and all the surrounding districts had set about organising their own particular mix of events. The official Peace Day date was set for 19 July 1919. Although this day was the climax of the celebrations, events took place on many other days around that date. The Halifax Courier of 26 July 1919 reported:-

‘Halifax honoured peace [on] Saturday. One of the outstanding features was the complete spontaneity of people’s expressions of loyalty … Every class added in some shape or form to the celebrations. The day was given over entirely to rejoicing and nothing marred the pleasure of the occasion … the customary rather sombre appearance of the town had been thoroughly transformed. At first it was thought the centre of the borough would out rival all others … but with the notable exception of the triumphal arch in Princess Street … this was not the case.’

Below: Peace Celebrations in an Elland Street. Stephen Gee Collection