The Council Secondary School (Clare Hall School)

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On 4th August the Territorials of the 4th Battalion West Riding Regiment were recalled from their annual training camp at Marske and were billeted overnight in the Council Secondary School between Prescott Street and Oxford Road.

This later became known as the Clare Hall School. In recent years following rationalisation of Halifax secondary schools the school amalgamated with others and moved to new premises on the former Halifax Barracks. The old school building passed into private ownership and is now residential apartments.

Halifax Guardian 5 August 1914

The Territorials were assembled before setting off for the railway station

Inside the Drill Hall was a scene of greatest activity, but there was such a precision and regularity observed in all the work … stores were all packed and taken to the station on lurries [sic] and flat carts … mid-day there was a general inspection by the Commanding Officer … assembled in the grounds of the Secondary School … bugle sounded the ‘fall in’ … the men marched out into Prescott Street , along Portland Place and thence down Horton Street to the Station …immense crowds lined the footpaths and carriageways, the whole distance … given a most enthusiastic send off with rousing cheers … for the moment the war and its terrible consequences were forgotten in the more genial feature of wishing God speed and good luck to the departing Territorials.