The Great War Week by Week in REAL TIME Major Project in conjunction with the Halifax Courier Newspaper

This major project went live in the Halifax Courier on 4 July 2014.

It aims to track the events of the Great War from the local perspective  through the pages of the Halifax Courier. Each feature will correspond to the exact day that the Courier was published 100 years ago. It is, therefore, a REAL TIME story of Calderdale in the Great War.

Each feature will interpret several items from the newspaper. Some will be trivial, others will be momentous, but the aim is to create the atmosphere of the times and a real sense of time.

The example here reported on the opening shots of the Great War in the last week of July.

The whole series is projected to carry on throughout the whole period of the war, at least until the Armistice  of 1918.

The image above contains the feature and the image to the right is a copy of the front page from 1 August 1914, overlaid with the actual articles interpreted in the feature.