The Incredible Illustrated Diaries of William Henry Stott

Diary images left copyright Stephen Gee.

What a find! The delightful  illustrated diaries of William Henry Stott recently came to auction.  Our expert auction watcher, Alan Rhodes tracked down the successful bidder (discretely via the auctioneer) and we were very pleased to discover it was local man, Stephen Gee. Meetings followed and Steve has been more than generous in supporting our interest. One of the key features of these diaries is the charming illustrations which are copiously found among the daily entries. It is an historical treasure that has an interest value that goes beyond Calderdale and we want to do our utmost to see that it does.

The war years of 1914-19 are of particular interest to us but there are sixty three volumes covering a year each and they stretch from the Battle of the Little Big Horn to the advent of Hitler.
We are convinced of the importance of these dairies and are in the process of placing a proposal with a publisher who shares our vision for them.