Victoria Theatre


Victoria Hall (Victoria Theatre): Stephen Gee

In the Great War the Victoria Hall was an obvious location for public meetings, and in 1914 it was host to major patriotic concerts, services and recruitment events.

At one point it also doubled up as a temporary barracks to ease congestion at the Halifax Barracks, Gibbet Street. 

At the end of the war in 1918 it was the venue for a Thanksgiving Service and later as a spectacular end of war Celebration and Presentation meeting for the Campbell Gas Engine Company who had played a significant part in local war work.

Sylvia Pankhurst and Arthur McManus (December 1918)

Sylvia Pankhurst, the well-known suffragette and pacifist, spoke here in support of Arthur McManus, the Socialist candidate, who was running against the Liberal J.H. Whitley for the Halifax constituency in the general election of that year. McManus was heavily defeated by a majority of 18,000. He went on to become the first chairman of the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1920.